Bacon the way it's suppose to be!

Tony begins his bacon process with sustainably raised hogs without growth prominents or antibiotics, and fed all vegetarian diet.  The meat is hand rubbed and dry-cured using natural brown sugar, sea salt, spices and sodium nitrite.

Baker’s Bacon is dry-cured, and has no added water or sodium phosphate.  The bacon then goes into a 60-year-old smokehouse, getting a full 12 hours of real apple wood smoke.  Tony now offers 3 styles of Baker’s Bacon, each distinction in its cut and flavor:

Original English-Style Back Bacon

Back bacon is different than regular US bacon in that it is made using the loin and belly.  This beautiful cut of meat is leaner and meatier, creating nothing but great tasting bacon!

Dry-Cured Apple Wood Smoked Bacon

This is a true favorite for any bacon lover.

Dry-Cured Double Apple Wood Smoked Bacon

What makes it double smoked?  Two smokings and two woods.  Starting with apple wood for the main smoke and cook, the bacon goes in to chill.  The next day it gets a second smoke session, this time a cold smoke of maple wood.  The result is rich, dark bacon with a sweet, well-balanced smoky flavor.

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