Bacon the way it's suppose to be!

We only use the very best pork we can source, we have relationships with farms that grow the heritage breeds we look for Hampshire, Duroc and Berkshire. All of our pork comes from US family farms and are never crated, all vegy diet, antibiotic free and certified humanely raised.

Happy Pigs Make Tastier Bacon!


English-Style ‘Uncured’ Back Bacon

Back bacon is different than regular US bacon in that it is made using the loin and belly, sometimes referred to as middle bacon as we literally cure the middle of the pig.  This beautiful cut of meat is leaner and meatier, creating nothing but great tasting bacon!

SLAB 18# catch weight case, 1 slab split per case

SLICED 5 slices per inch packed 10# case, 4 x 2.5#packs per case



Dry-Cured DOUBLE Apple Wood Smoked Bacon

Dry Cured Double Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, naturally apple wood smoked for double the time with a traditional smoke generator and real apple and maple wood chips to bring out an intense but not over smoked flavor. Offered in Slab, Sliced and Peppered Sliced

SLAB 20# catch weight case, 2 slabs per case

SLICED 10/12 slices per pound, packed 15# case, 3 x 5# packs per case with easy open packaging

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