Bacon the way it's suppose to be!

Unable to find a real English style BACK bacon anywhere in the states, Chef Tony Baker decided it was time to bring a taste of the UK across the pond. As a professional chef and restaurateur for over 27 years, Tony desires the finest of ingredients in every dish he prepares. Missing from the list was back bacon, made using only the best ingredients from the swine on up.

Baker’s started in 2011 with a partnership between long time smoke master and bacon expert Steven Sacks at Prime Smoked Meats, Oakland, California. Baker and Sacks worked together for over a year experimenting with cures. Sourcing the pork supply would prove a challenge, looking for a relationship that would both grow the pork, but also supply them with the English cut of pork not typically available in the US. The pork would have to be and is still always heritage breed pork, antibiotic free, never crated, all veg diet and certified humanely raised.

The goal was and is to make real bacon, “Bacon The Way It’s Supposed To Be!”



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