Bacon the way it's suppose to be!

Baker’s Bacon is proud to have partnered with the leading specialty food distributors in the nation.

Baker’s Bacon is exclusive to the Chefs Warehouse in all states outside of California.


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The Chefs’ Warehouse

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona, Portland, Las Vegas

Chicago, New York, Boston, New Jersey and Miami

Warehouse Locations


California Distribution

US Foods, San Francisco

Del Monte Meat Co. San Francisco

Del Monte Meat Co. Marina

Del Monte Meat Co. Napa

Del Monte Meat Co. Oakland

Del Monte Meat Co. Sacramento

Hamilton Meats and provisions, San Diego/ Los Angeles

If you have an interest in becoming a distributer of our incredible bacon, please click here

Hey Chefs: ┬áNew distributors will be coming on line soon, please check back regularly or contact us to find out who you can source Baker’s Bacon from.

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