Bacon the way it's suppose to be!

1/2 #  Butter

2 #  Bakers Bacon, Double  Smoked, Brunoise Diced

6 ea  Leeks, Whites Only, Split, Washed, & Brunoise Diced

1 cup  Garlic, Denubbed & Thinnly Sliced

1 bunch  Fresh Thyme, Picked, Leaves Only

3 ea  Bay Leaves

5 #  Black French Lentils

To cover  By 3/4 Inch Stock Or Base/Water

To taste  Salt & Pepper

2-1/2 #  Butter, Diced

10 ea  Carrots, Brunoise Diced

1 cup  Balsamic Vinegar



-Melt Butter In Thick Bottom Pot (Have Lid That Fits Tight).

-Render Out The Bacon And Then Add The Leeks, Garlic, Bay Leaf, & Thyme.

-Cook Out Until The Leeks Turn Clear.

-Add The Lentils And Cook One More Minute.

-Add Stock To Cover The Lentils By 3/4 Of An Inch (The First Joint Of Your Pinky Finger).

-Bring To A Boil, Cover With A Tight Fitting Lid, Reduce Flame To Low, And Cook For 30 Minutes.

-Take Off Lid And Stir In The Diced Butter And Carrots.

-Remove @ 3 Cups Of The Liquid To A Sauce Pot.

-Add The Balsamic Vinegar To The Liquid And Reduce By Half.

-Stir In The Reduced Liquid Back To The Lentils Mixture.

-Cover With The Lid And Let Rest For 30 Minutes.

-Just Before Service, Adjust Seasonings With Salt And Pepper & Heat The Lentils Up To 165 Degrees And Serve.

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