Bacon the way it's suppose to be!

4 ea Smoked Ham Shanks, Cooked (Fork Tender) Separately in Stock, Removed from Liquid, De-boned, Cleaned, Diced, & Save the Liquid to Cook the Beans.

5# Black beans, Soaked in Water Overnight

1# Butter

2# Bakers Bacon, Double Smoked Bacon, Medium Diced

2# Ham, Medium Diced

8 ea Leeks, Medium Diced and Washed

8 ea Red Onions, Peeled and Medium Diced

3 tablespoon Ground Cumin

3 tablespoon Ground Coriander

1/2 cup Fresh Garlic, Stemmed, Peeled, Chopped Fine

2 bunch Fresh Thyme, Washed, Stemmed, and Chopped

4 ea Bay Leaves

To cover Chicken Stock (Base & Water)

To taste Salt and Pepper

Citrus Créme Fraiche:

-Zest From 2 Lemons, 4 Limes, And 1 Orange, Chopped Fine, And Whip Into 3 Cups Of Créme Fraiche. Put Into Squeeze Bottles And Reserve Cold For Service.

-Wash And Drain The Soaked Beans and Reserve For Cooking.

-Braise The Ham Shanks Until Fork Tender, Save The Liquid To Cook The Beans, Cool/Clean The Meat And Dice For The Soup

-Melt The Butter In The Soup Kettle And Add The Bacon And Ham, Cook Until Light Brown.

-Add The Leeks, Onions, Cumin, Coriander, Garlic, Thyme, And Bay Leaves.

-Sweat Out Until The Onions Turn Clear.

-Add The Beans, Ham Shank Liquid, Stock, And Bring To a Simmer.

-Simmer Until The Beans Are Tender.

-Add The Reserved Diced Ham Shanks.

-Adjust The Seasonings With Salt And Pepper.

-To Make The Soup Thicker, Remove Some Of The Beans And Blend Them And Return Back To The Pot. Stir In The Bean Puree To Thicken The Soup.

-Top Off The Soup With A Squirt Of Citrus Créme Fraiche And Thinly Sliced Green Onions.

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