Bacon the way it's suppose to be!


-Small Diced Romaine Lettuce (1/2 Case)

-Small Diced Iceberg Lettuce (10 Heads)

-Bakers Bacon, Double Smoked, Small Diced, & Cooked (5#)

-Small Diced Jicama (5#)

-Small Diced Tomato (Seedles)-(20 Each)

-8 #Mixed Marble Potatoes (Cooked & Halved)

-5 #Broccoli Florets, Blanched

-10 Ears Of Sweet Corn, Shucked & Cut Off The Cobb

-5 # Yellow Waxed Beans, Cleaned, Blanched, & Cut Into 1-1/2 Inch Segments

-5 # Red Radishes, Cleaned, & Sliced Thin

-8 Each Cucumbers, Peeled, Seeded, & Small Diced

-2#Celery, ΒΌ Inch Diced

-As Needed-Toasted Sunflower Seeds For The Top Of The Salad


House Made Ranch:


4 Each-Garlic Cloves, Nubbed, And Finely Chopped

1 Teaspoon Of Kosher Salt

6 Cups Mayonnaise

3 Cups Of Buttermilk

1 Bunch Of Italian Parsley, Washed, Dried, Stemmed, And Rough Chopped

2 Bunches Of Green Onions, Washed, Dried, & Thinly Sliced

3 Tblspns. Of White Vinegar

To Taste- Kosher Salt And Freshly Ground Black Pepper




-Chop The Garlic, Add The Salt To It And With The Side Of The Knife, Mash And Smear The Garlic Mixture Into A Paste.

-Scrape The Paste Into A Bowl, Add The Remaining Ingredients And Whisk Well To Make A Creamy Dressing.


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