Bacon the way it's suppose to be!

5#    Bakers Bacon, Double Smoked, Sliced, Diced, And Cooked On A Sheet Tray (Save The Fat)

1/4 Cup   Olive Oil

8 Each   Yellow Onions, Cleaned And Sliced

1 Bunch   Fresh Thyme, Washed, Stemmed, And Chopped

1/2 Cup   Garlic, Peeled And Chopped

To Taste   Sherry Vinegar

To Taste   Kosher Salt And Ground Black Pepper

As Needed   Olive Oil

4 Cups   All Purpose Flour, Seasoned With Kosher Salt And Ground Black Pepper

To Cover   Whole Milk

20#   4oz. Portioned Veal Cal’s Liver


Bacon Cream Sauce:

-1/4 #    Unsalted Butter, Diced

-4 Each   Yellow Onions, Cleaned, And Sliced

1/4 Cup   Garlic, Peeled And Sliced

1/2 Bunch   Fresh Tyhme, Washed

2 Each   Bay Leaves

3 Quarts   Heavy Cream

To Thicken   Roux (Made With Bacon Fat)

To Taste   Kosher Salt And Ground White Pepper



-Chopped Italian Parsley



-Marinate The Liver In The Milk For 30-40 Minutes

-Cook The Bacon And Reserve The Fat For The Cream Sauce Roux

-Heat Up The Oil And Add The Sliced Onions.  Cook Until Golden Brown

-Add The Chopped Garlic, Thyme, And Sherry Vinegar

-Remove From Heat And Stir Together To Mix Well

-Add The Cooked Bacon To The Onion Mixture; Season With Salt And Pepper, And Reserve Warm

-Drain The Liver From The Milk

-Season The All Purpose Flour With Salt & Pepper

-Lightly Four The Liver And Saute In Oil On One Side Until Golden Brown

-Flip The Liver Over To Lightly Sear The Other Side

-Reserve In An Oiled Pan.  Finnish Cooking In The Oven At 350 Degrees


Bacon Cream Sauce:

-Make A Roux With The Reserved Bacon Fat And Flour And Set Aside

-Heat Butter In A Thick Bottomed Pot

-Add Onions And Garlic And Cook Until The Onions Turn Clear

-Add Thyme And Bay Leaves And Cook For Another Minute

-Add The Cream And Bring To A Low Simmer

-Temper In The Roux To The Heated Cream Mixture

-Stirring Constantly With A Whisk, Whisk The Roux Into The Cream While Bringingthe Mixture Back Up To A Simmer

-Season With Kosher Salt And Ground White Pepper

-Cook Out For 15-20 Minutes

-Strain Through A China Cap And Reserve Hot With A Piece Of Plastic Wrap Directly On Top Of The Sauce So It Will Not Form A Skin



-Cook Off The Liver @ 350 Degrees Oven For 5 Minutes Plate This

-Put A Mound Of The Caramelized Onion/Bacon Mixture On Top Of The Liver

-Laddle The Bacon Cream Sauce Over The Top Of The Onion/Bacon Mixture



-Top The Dish Off With Fresh Chopped Italian Parsley

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