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What’s better than a box of bacon?
Many boxes of bacon shipped at intervals of your choosing!

To get the biggest bang for your bacon buck, consider our subscription service. You pick the frequency of these shipments—monthly, every other month or every three months. Here’s what you can expect in each package:


• Five 12 oz packages of Thick Sliced Double Smoked Bacon
• Two 12 oz package of Thick Sliced Uncured Back Bacon
• An additional surprise cut (slab, sous vide)
• A seasonal recipe in each shipment 

The Baker’s Bacon Club is an exceptional value compared to all other bacon clubs available.  We’ve found that our competitors’ clubs send you only 2 packages of bacon per month with more styrofoam and ice than bacon.  At Baker’s Bacon, our club includes 8 packages of bacon per shipment!  This helps cut down on shipping and packaging waste.  The shipment is designed to last two months, but you can always order more or less frequently!

When our club goes head to head with others, we know you’ll find the product and selection to be the best value. 

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