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What’s better than a box of bacon? Many boxes of bacon shipped at intervals of your choosing!

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SINCE 2011


Unable to find bacon that met his high standards for freshness and ingredients, Chef Tony Baker founded his own brand in 2011. Baker’s Bacon began with a partnership between long time smoke master and bacon expert Steve Sacks at Prime Smoked Meats in Oakland, California. Baker and Sacks worked together for over a year experimenting with cures until they settled on the recipe that is still in use today.

The goal was and is to make real bacon – Bacon The Way It’s Supposed To Be!

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Give some bacon to that special person in your life. Choose from themed bacon gift sets, cards, or pre-paid subscriptions.

Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

“I came up with this bacon out of need, the market is saturated with mass produced watery bacon, I wanted a bacon for my restaurant that met my quality expectations without breaking the bank.  It takes me back to my English roots. It really doesn’t get any better than this!”  

– Chef Tony Baker

Image showing how Baker's Bacon is different
Image showing how Baker's Bacon is different


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445 Reservation Rd Suite G
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