After a year of quarantine in Marina, California, we missed seeing our customers so much that we decided to buy a van and bring the bacon to them. Chef Tony Baker developed Baker’s Bacon to supply chefs like himself with high quality premium bacon. In 2019 Tony participated in over 20 food shows around the U.S. In the post COVID world, food shows and sales meetings are not happening like they used to.

Tony knew in order for his business to survive he needed to get on the road to visit chefs looking for high quality sustainable products to try his bacon.

Baker’s Bacon is bacon the way it is supposed to be, and once you try it there is no going back!

Tony partnered with Chef’s Warehouse to make this dream a reality and the Baker’s Bacon Road Trip was born. Through the rest of the year, Tony and his wife Tara and dog Porky are on the road visiting as many restaurants and sales reps as they can.

The Baker’s Bacon van is a home for Tara and Tony but also Baker’s Bacon headquarters for the next few months.

Complete with a capacity to store hundreds of pounds of bacon samples and the ability to cook them, this van has it all…


May 2 – Depart Marina, CA

May 4 – 6 – Reno/Tahoe

May 11 – 13 – Las Vegas

May 18-20 – Chicago

May 21-22 – Michigan

May 23– Indiana and Ohio

May 24 – Pittsburg

June 1-2 – The Hamptons and Long Island

June 7- 9 – Connecticut

June 10 – Brooklyn

June 14-15 Manhattan

June 16-24 – New Jersey and Philadelphia



Do you want the Baker’s Bacon van to visit your restaurant?  Request a visit here.



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